Kids’ Language Center is a speech and language pathology practice committed to improving the lives of children with communication disorders

We serve infants, toddlers and school-aged children in a child-centered and play-based setting. We pride ourselves on being family friendly and providing cutting edge, top-quality therapy services.

We have expertise in the areas of autism, verbal apraxia, auditory processing disorders, receptive and expressive language disorders of all severity including children who have little to no verbal language, phonological disorders/articulation disorders of all severity including children who are unintelligible.

Our services include innovative 1:1 therapy, group therapy, play/social skills groups, kids yoga, and intensive home based therapy programs.

KLC is owned and operated by Katie L. Curra, M.S., CCC-SLP. Katie is an ASHA (American Speech Hearing Association) certified, Connecticut licensed speech language pathologist with more than 19 years of experience working with children with communication disorders. Her special
ty is utilizing inventive techniques to address complex speech and language disorders.

We are conveniently located in Greenwich, Connecticut, 40 minutes from Manhattan and only 5-15 minutes from all areas in Greenwich and Stamford.