Post-Secondary Transition Planning

KLC is now offering Post-Secondary Transition Planning:

Did you know occupational therapists can be valuable members of the transition planning team? OT offers a unique set of skills for evaluating both the individual AND the environment. This offers a well-rounded lens in which we can better understand the factors that impact an individual’s ability to obtain and maintain work and independent living after high school. In addition, we provide therapeutic services to facilitate skill development for optimal transition post-graduation.

 What does this look like?


  • Identifying individual strengths, values, and interests
  • Assessing how an individual performs basic and complex skills
  • Gather information about the physical, sensory, and social attributes of an environment
  • Analyze the interaction between the individual and the environment

Therapeutic services

  • ADLs addressing dressing and personal hygiene
  • Community mobility to safely access transportation to and from work or educational sites
  • Executive function skills for planning, prioritizing, and organizing
  • Social communication including interpersonal skills for interaction with coworkers or supervisors
  • Emotional regulation for stress management during work or schooling hours
  • Education/training in use of assistive or adaptive devices
  • Modification to tasks or environments to improve access or independence