Facilitated Playgroups

KLC is offering a facilitated play/language group for preschool and elementary aged children!!

This small social skills group will provide students with the opportunity to practice social communication and pragmatic language skills in the natural context of play. In this nurturing environment, children will be able to connect with peers while also practicing appropriate behavior. We will group children based on their specific language and play levels in order to best target their individual
needs. There will be a range of ability levels in each small group to allow for peer modeling.

The groups will be facilitated by:

  • Katie L. Curra, M.S., CCC-­SLP, Speech Language Pathologist/Owner Kids’ Language Center

We will target the following skills while incorporating the Social Thinking Curriculum:

  • Talking to peers: making requests, comments, asking/answering questions
  • Initiating games, following rules, turn taking, winning/losing, compromising
  • Initiating and maintaining conversations with peers
  • Maintaining appropriate attention during peer activities
  • Body positioning and eye contact for play and conversations
  • Listening and waiting
  • Theory of mind and problem solving

For more information:
Please call Katie at: (203) 433-8050
Or email us at: info@kidslanguagecenter.com
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